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What’s Changing in 2021?

Effective January 1, 2021, I will be practicing under Serenity Wellness Clinic, LLC. This is a change from practicing under True Health Medicine, PC, the business which I have co-owned and operated under since 2008. For most new patients, I recommend you stop reading at this point to avoid confusion. The following information is intended to clarify the transition for patients who were previously established with True Health Medicine.

To be clear – I am not closing! I remain as committed as ever to your care and am continuing my practice in 2021! This page provides information about how to stay in touch with me and what you need to do to continue care. Don’t worry – simply scheduling with me gets the ball rolling!

What do you need to do to continue care? 

The simplest answer is to schedule with me in 2021 by clicking here.  If you have any trouble scheduling, please call or text me at 503-987-3622 and I’ll be happy to help you get scheduled. Once you are scheduled, an invitation to the Charm portal and additional instructions will be forthcoming – essentially, I’ll be walking you through the process.

If you aren’t due for a visit yet and want to ensure you’re established with my new clinic, here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Accept my invitation to the Charm Patient Portal. If you were seen at True Health from 2018-2020, an invitation was sent to you in December. If you haven’t accepted it yet and can’t find it, text me and I’ll resend it! I recommend that you LOGIN to your Charm account, then LOG OFF. Don’t just close the tab or page, but actually find and click the LOG OFF button. Then click on the link in your invitation email, enter your date of birth and THE SAME LOG IN CREDENTIALS you used for True Health Medicine.
  2. Sign new paperwork.  Existing patients will only need to sign a new Consent to Treat and Office Policies. This will need to happen before any care is delivered including refilling prescriptions, ordering lab testing or office visits. This form will be available as an electronic “questionnaire” which you can review and sign online. If you are unable to process this electronically, a paper copy will be available. 

Those two simple steps are all that is required to continue care with me and can be completed after you receive your invitation to the patient portal.  

Business Name

Starting January 1, I will be practicing under my new clinic, Serenity Wellness Clinic, LLC. You’ll see this clinic name or simply my name, Bijana Kadakia, ND, LAc, on paperwork and bills. This also means that my business entity will be separate from my office-mates and colleagues. If you receive care from me and also from one of True Health’s other providers, the paperwork and bills for those providers will also be different both from True Health Medicine and from mine.


In Tualatin, I will continue to practice in the same office you have known at 8555 SW Tualatin Road Suite B for the beginning of the year. Our lease expires in June and I will be moving my practice at that time. My intention is to remain in the Tigard-Tualatin area. When a new address is available, that information will be shared on this website and by email.

In Scappoose, I will continue to practice in the same clinic at 51669 Columbia River Hwy inside of True Balance Chiropractic. I currently have no plans to move out of this location.

Contact Information – 503-987-DOCB

Here is all the information you need to stay in touch with me.  I will be establishing an email list in 2021 and active patients will be included on that list.  If you don’t want to receive emails from me at that time, there will be a simple unsubscribe option.  

Website: – You’re here!
Mailing Address: PO Box 230095, Tigard, OR 97281
Phone: 503-987-DOCB (3622) 
Fax: 503-987-3022

My new phone number is 503-987-DOCB (3622). Please save this number. If you have my personal cell phone number, I would appreciate you deleting that and using this number instead. This number can be used for phone calls and text messages, but please note that text messaging is not HIPAA compliant. When text messaging, please make sure to indicate your identity in your initial message as I cannot search patients by their phone number. Because test-messaging is not HIPAA compliant, please limit text messaging to letting me know you have arrived at the office and scheduling issues. I also want to reassure you that the phone and fax numbers for True Health Medicine will continue to be active and monitored at least through June 2021.


I plan to continue to be available approximately two days a week each in Tualatin and Scappoose. I am continuing to use Charm as my EHR and for my schedule, so for patients who I’ve seen in 2020, this is the same system you have been using. For those who are new to Charm, the scheduling is fairly simple. I recommend scheduling by using this page as this includes visits for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021. Note that if you are scheduling your first appointment in 2021 and have not yet signed up for the Serenity Wellness Clinic Charm Patient Portal (invitations coming in mid-late December), you should answer “NO” that you are not an existing patient.  If you have any trouble scheduling, please call or text me at 503-987-3622 and I’ll be happy to help you get scheduled.

Charm Portal

As I mentioned above, I will continue using Charm, but you will need to add my new clinic to your portal. When you receive an email from Charm regarding Serenity Wellness Clinic, please follow the prompts to add Serenity Wellness Clinic to your portal. For those patients already scheduled, you have already been invited. For those active patients who are not currently on the schedule, your email may come in December-January or it may not arrive until you are scheduled for your first appointment in 2021. I appreciate your patience with this process as there are many patients to transition to the new system. If you would like to contact me through the new portal after January 1 and have not yet received your portal invitation to the new clinic, please call or text me at the new phone number above and I will get you added. When you log in after adding Serenity Wellness Clinic, you will be prompted to select between the two clinics. Please continue to use the True Health Medicine portal through December 31, 2020 and begin using the Serenity Wellness Clinic portal exclusively after January 1.


Existing patients will not be asked to complete a complete health history, but will be asked to sign a new consent to treat, office and financial policies form and HIPAA acknowledgement. I’m excited to say that in 2021, paperwork will be available in an online option, so this can be completed online. This convenient online option will be available for the majority of my forms, handouts and other questionnaires. Signing the consent to treat and policies will be required before any care is delivered including refilling prescriptions, ordering lab testing or office visits. If you are unable to complete this form online, a paper option will be available.

Prescription Refills

In order to ensure that your medication refills are processed in a timely manner, please watch for and respond to your portal invitation request and complete the Consent to Treat and Office Policies questionnaire that I send to you. In addition, please request your medication refills in advance as possible. I usually recommend requesting your refill 2 weeks before you need it. As always, please request your refill from your pharmacy directly and let them contact me as this streamlines the process.

Ordering Supplements

If you have previously ordered supplements through Full Script, you will receive a new recommendation in December-January which links to my new Full Script account. This recommendation will include supplements you have previously ordered or were previously recommended for you. You are not under any obligation to order at that time or from that site, but this ensures that you can continue to order refills on your supplements.

In 2021, I will also be introducing another online supplement option, Wellevate. Wellevate acts much like Full Script and carries brands which are not available through Full Script. This gives me a broader range of supplement options to recommend to you.

Insurance Payments and Billing

Another question that has come up a few times is regarding insurance.  It is my intention to stay in network with most major insurance companies and I have already started transitioning my credentials for a seamless transition. I will be monitoring this situation closely and will notify you if this affects your scheduled appointment. 

The biggest changes coming in 2021 for insurance are for patients with Cigna and Aetna insurance. I will continue to be in-network with these companies as a naturopathic provider only. For Cigna and Aetna members, I will be out of network as an acupuncturist, meaning this will be an out-of-pocket cost. I do offer a discount program which offers significant savings for acupuncture patients and will recommend that Cigna and Aetna members who are seeking acupuncture consider that option.

Please note that I plan to maintain the same fee schedule in 2021 including the fees available through the Acupuncture Health Network discount program. I will also continue to contract with Efficient Medical Billing Services (EMBS) as my billing provider. In 2021, I will be overseeing my billing personally which should help streamline the process.

Lab Orders

If you have a lab order that we created from a prior visit, you can definitely use that to get your labs run for the remainder of the year. I expect that you should still be able to use those lab orders generated 2020 in 2021. If the lab does not accept an order generated by True Health Medicine, please let me know right away and I will recreate it. If I learn that this is happening, I will recreate all pending orders and contact those patients who may be affected.

I’m excited to be able to continue offering discounted lab services through a new lab provider, Evexia Labs, starting in 2021. This applies to patients who pay out of pocket for their labs. Because Evexia’s pricing is so competitive, this will be the only platform I use for discounted lab services. The Evexia Labs platform will also streamline the process for me to provide you pricing and order labs (no more waiting until I am in the Tualatin office for those steps!); and for patients, there will be more pricing transparency and an easy web based payment system for labs.

Thank you

I want to thank my patients for your ongoing support and patience as I work through the business transitions that are in progress and ahead. Anything new that I’m offering is intended to help streamline my systems to better serve you and I welcome your feedback on what is working well and what could be improved. Working with you on your health is my honor and privilege. I look forward to continuing to serve you moving forward.

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