Order Supplements

Established patients may order supplements directly through Full Script or Wellevate. At your visit, if supplements are recommended, I will send that list to either or both of these services. Some brands are only available through one site which may be the reason I’ve selected one or the other. The supplements available through these sites may be unavailable on store shelves or other online retailers and those I recommend are vetted to ensure high quality and effective in my experience with patients. Purchasing through these sites IS purchasing through me and is a way to support my business, but is never required. If you choose to purchase supplements elsewhere and need me to review those supplements, please schedule a visit and bring those supplements with you so that I can read the entire back label.

Full Script

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.


Wellevate Logo

The sites are set up so that you can browse and purchase any products you like to ensure that you can purchase similar products or different flavors than I may have recommended. I encourage you to check with me if you are considering adding something new and to keep me in the loop if you add or change supplements in your regimen.

Purchase Supplements In Office

I will be carrying some supplements in office, but these are limited at this time. I am continuing to carry CFSN Ph Release and CFSN Glutathione Precursors in office. Contact me by portal, phone or text message to order and set a pick up time.