Have you considered seeing a naturopathic physician? Do you visit your doctor to try to feel better only to be told that “your labs are normal” and “there is nothing wrong with you.”  Do you have a complex medical condition and want to get a better handle on it or learn how lifestyle, diet and nutritional supplements can help?  Are you motivated to take an active role in improving and maintaining your health? Do you feel that your poor health is limiting you from achieving your life purpose?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I want to help.

What would you be doing if your health were excellent, you had plenty of energy and pain was not an issue?

The answer to this question is the reason that I will keep in mind while we work together and what will motivate you when change may be difficult. It’s also how we know what we are doing is working!

My patients give me a variety of reasons for our work together – moving more easily, getting down on the floor to play with their grandchildren, gardening, hiking… Like a young child asking, “why? why? why?” I want to know what is important to you, but also why it’s important to you.

While the work we do may be focused on cholesterol, thyroid or pain, my goal is for you to have more HAPPINESS and MEANING in your life. While traveling in 2013, I had an epiphany and I returned to my clinical practice renewed and with a greater goal. I believe that by helping you improve your health and being a partner in your health maintenance, I can help you free up energy and focus on your life purpose and other things that make you happy. That’s my “why.” What’s yours?