Soccer Season is on! How to treat a sore throat at home

What does a sore throat have to do with soccer season?

If you’re a die hard soccer fan or a member of the Timbers Army, that answer is obvious – we sing, shout and even scream for our team.  But the treatment mentioned below is good for many types of sore throats.  I have prescribed this treatment for sore throats due to chronic tonsillitis, infection and sore throats from smoke exposure.  This treatment has proved effective for all these types of sore throats and now I use it to ensure I can still talk to my patients after a Timbers match.

Like today.  GOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Many things to shout about, but I digress.

This treatment is based on the naturopathic warming sock treatment which sounds a little weird, but often proves really helpful.

Warming Throat Compress

Supporters of the Timbers Army don’t have to worry about supplies for the warming throat compress as they are often readily to hand.  All you need is a bandanna, a scarf and some water.  Assemble your supplies when you’re getting ready for bed and make sure you are warmed up before applying the compress by taking a hot shower or drinking a cup of hot herbal tea.

  • Dampen bandanna and wring out well. You can also only dampen the center section.
  • Apply the dampened bandanna to your neck – the damp section should be in front.
  • Wrap the dry scarf around your neck over the bandanna.
  • Go to bed.

Make sure you have warm covers over you and that you do not become chilled.  If you feel cold, apply more blankets, have a cup of tea or discontinue the treatment.  This treatment seems to enhance circulation to the area and often reduces or eliminates a sore throat overnight.

I hope it helps my fellow Timbers supporters, so we can keep chanting as loud as we did today!

In Health,

– Dr. B

PS You should definitely get checked out by a health care provider if your sore throat lasts longer than a week; causes difficulty swallowing or opening your mouth; is accompanied by joint pain, difficulty breathing, rash or high fever; if you have blood in your saliva or phlegm or if symptoms recur frequently (without an obvious cause such as excessively screaming at referees).  It’s also a good idea to get any lumps or bumps in your neck checked out.

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