Schedule an Appointment in Tualatin

Upcoming Changes

Please note that the Tualatin office will be closing in June 2020 and I’m moving to Tigard. I’m currently scheduling in the Tualatin office through the end of June. If your appointment is affected by the move, I will be in touch with you. If you’d like to schedule in July, please click here to schedule in my new Tigard office.

Can’t find an appointment?

You can call or text message me at 503-987-DOCB for help with scheduling and to inquire about same-day appointments. Same-day appointments may be available, but are never available online. If the date or time you would like is not available, please add yourself to the wait list AND schedule an appointment for the next spot that works for you. If an appointment becomes available and you are on the wait list, I will call or text message you.

Reminder for True Health Medicine Patients

I have now added most patients previously established with me at True Health Medicine to the new Charm, so if you have seen me at True Health Medicine from 2018-2020, please schedule by indicating “YES” that you are an existing patient and “NO” that you don’t know your Record ID.

If this does not allow you to schedule or pops up a red message saying “No Patient Record Found,” then please select “NO” and continue to schedule. If you are already established with me, you can schedule your visit as a “follow up” visit type even if it’s your first time under the new clinic.

If you were not seen in 2018-2020, please select “NO” you are not an existing patient and “NO” that you don’t know your Record ID and schedule a New Patient visit type to ensure we have plenty of time to review how you’ve been doing since I saw you last.